Programming Evolution

While every programming language is different, they are all based on the same fundamentals. Over the years the develop, grow and change. In school I have been taught many basic programming languages including; Java, C, C++, XHTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Assembly and a few others.

Below is a picture of the evolution of programming languages with a small example of each language (Click the picture for a larger view).

If your interested in keeping up with the current stats of what is the most popular programming language. Check this site out: TIOBE Programming Community Index, they update their index every year!

I am not surprised to see Java at the top of the current list of most popular programming languages, however C and C++¬†surprise me. I have searching the market for potential jobs lately and while Java has been a very popular must have, I have rarely seen C or C++. I see HTML, XML, JavaScript or jQuery and PHP more, some of which don’t even appear in the top 20 most popular languages list. This is very surprising considering large growth in web development over the past few years.

Evolution of Man and Technology

Today’s society is based on the newest biggest thing. The new must have, the need to be better than the previous. Technology has come very far over the past few decades. From television, to cellphones, to personal computers, to storage devices, to gaming. Technological advancements overtime never cease to amaze me, always trying to improve on the past to make it better, sometimes going to unnecessary extremes. Some of the advancements I go over might not interest you, however each of the technologies have come a long way since their creation which I think is incredible how much we can improve on what came before.

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