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My name is Britney, I am currently studying Computer Science at Carleton University. I know you don't see many women in computer science, but I love it. I am a nerd at heart, I love computers and video games. My heart will always lie with PC games though I do love console games. I do also love spending time with family and friends, as well as my cat. :)

Programming Evolution

While every programming language is different, they are all based on the same fundamentals. Over the years the develop, grow and change. In school I have been taught many basic programming languages including; Java, C, C++, XHTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Assembly and a few others.

Below is a picture of the evolution of programming languages with a small example of each language (Click the picture for a larger view).

If your interested in keeping up with the current stats of what is the most popular programming language. Check this site out: TIOBE Programming Community Index, they update their index every year!

I am not surprised to see Java at the top of the current list of most popular programming languages, however C and C++ surprise me. I have searching the market for potential jobs lately and while Java has been a very popular must have, I have rarely seen C or C++. I see HTML, XML, JavaScript or jQuery and PHP more, some of which don’t even appear in the top 20 most popular languages list. This is very surprising considering large growth in web development over the past few years.

The Sims

Since the original release of The Sims Windows version in 2000 by EA (Electronic Arts) I have been hooked on this game like many others. The Sims for those of you who are not familiar with it (there might be a few of you still out there), is a strategic life-simulation game. You play through the daily life of a Sims – a virtual person. You can build their house, choose their career, influence their relationships, and much more. If you have not had the opportunity to play it and love life simulation games I or even just building houses, I suggest you take some time and try out this game.

I have played both the PC and console versions of this game, though I prefer PC.It is easy to get lost for hours in this game, there is something exciting about being able to completely control someone and every aspect of their lives. This game has also brought around paranoia for exactly that reason. Are there beings out there controlling our lives like we do this sims. It makes you stop and think about life for sure.

The Sims franchise has grown into a multi million dollar franchise crossing three versions, and countless expansion packs for each which I have outlined below.

The Sims was originally developed by Maxis before being published by Electronic arts in 2000. There were Seven expansion packs developed for the pc version of the game including; Livin’ Large, Hot Date, and Unleased. However, I did not have the privilege of having any of the expansion packs, only the base game. There were also two versions created exclusively for consoles; The Sims Bustin’ Out and The Urbz: Sims in the City. I owned both of these games for Gamecube when I was younger. Bustin’ out was very much like the pc version of the game where you could build a house, visit other system and live every day life. The Urbz had a new spin on the traditional game play, you now lived in an apartment and traveled by subway to different districts to work and meet new people and gain a reputation. The higher your reputation the more advanced your apartment became and the more districts you were able to travel to. I prefered Bustin’ Out over the other console game mainly because it combined many great features of the PC game with its expansion packs. I also prefered Bustin’ Out over the PC version at this stage because growing up we had one old Windows 95 Compaq computer in the house that I had limited time on.

The Sims 2 was by far my most memorable and favorite installment of The Sims. It was also a strategic life simulation game, this time they just improved what already had become a success. The Sims 2 is also open-ended much like the original and included lifetime goals, wants and needs making your Sims more like a real person. It also built upon an aging concept giving your Sims stages of life. The Sims 2 improved on the graphics of The Sims as well giving the player a new full 3D view on the world of their sim. There were a total of 8 expansion packs for the Sims 2 of which I owned all but two. Some of my favorites included Open for Business which allowed you to be your own store owner, Pets introducing playable cats and dogs, and Sims University allowing you to take your Young Adult sim to school. These expansion packs and improved life-like characteristics of each sim is what truly got me hooked on this game and caused my to start spreading the word to my friends, inviting them over to play as well. Although at the time I did not realize how much, nor did I think I would still be playing this game into my adult life and will probably introduce to my children when I get to that stage in my life. In my opinion this is so far the best Sims game, and it seems others share my opinion because The Sims 2 currently sits at the top of the best-selling computer game list (the list is based on sales – you can find that list here.)

The Sims 3  was not an interest of my when it first came out in 2010. I was still playing The Sims 2, perfectly happy with all my added expansion packs and did not want to jump to the drastic changes they made in Sims 3. Eventually though I took a leap of faith and purchased The Sims 3. The Sims 3 make great advancements in the game play of The Sims. It added even more customization to your sim with likes, dislikes, and many more personal options. New skills and methods by which to gain them, new careers, opportunities to buy out Business to gain addition income, and new worlds. The more intuitive and advanced build/buy modes made building houses in The Sims fun instead of a hassle, and allowed for more customization to create more elaborate homes. It also improved drastically on the 3D graphics making The Sims more realistic than ever. There are currently 10 expansion packs for this game, many of which are similar to those found for The Sims 2. This installment of The Sims is also constantly expanding with new updates and more expansion packs yet to come. After some time playing The Sims 3 I have grown to quite enjoy it almost as much as I do The Sims 2, especially with the new expansion packs and game functionality they are adding with each pack. The Sims 3 PC is currently my prefered Sims game choice however it is still not my favorite, though that may change.

The future Sims is still looking bright. While there are still expansion packs in the works for The Sims 3, EA announced earlier this year that they plan to release The Sims 4 in early 2014.

Best-selling Console Games!

After recently doing a post about the top PC Games, We started looking into console games. Since there have been so many great game consoles I have grouped them to four categories make this list a little shorter.

Starting at the begining is Old School. This includes anything from the 1st-5th generation, up until the Sega dreamcast in 1999.

1. Super Mario Bros. (40.24 million copies sold) – NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)
2. Tetris (35 million) – Game Boy and Game Boy Colour
3. Super Mario World (20.6 million) – SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

Next is Modern Nintendo which includes the 6th century nintendo consoles including the GameBoy Advance and the Gamecube released in 2001 until the most recent release of the Wii U earlier this year.

1. Mario Kart Wii (34.26 million) – Wii *
2. New Super Mario Bros. (30.38 million) – DS
3. Wii Play (28.02 million) – Wii
*omitted Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort from the top 3 list due to the fact that they came in the box with the consoles when bought.
 One of the most popular console series today is the Xbox Series. The first Xbox was released in 2001 and the newest one is set to be released November 2013.

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops (12 million) – Xbox 360 *
2. Halo 3 (8.1 million) – Xbox 360
3. Halo 2 (8 million) – Xbox & Minecraft (8 million) – Xbox 360
*omitted Kinect Adventures! from the number one spot due to the fact that it came in the box with every kinect bought.
 and Finally the PlayStation Series. The newest console in this line is due to be released near the end of 2013.

1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (17.33 million) – PS2
2. Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec (14.89 million) – PS2
3. Gran Turismo 4 (11.73 million) – PS2

To see the rest of the list or an updated version, Click Here.

Computer and IT Related Job Troubles

I have been searching for my career recently as I am about to finish my degree in computer science and have come to realize the horrible state Computer and IT related jobs are in when it comes to new graduates.

There are very few entry-level jobs in most technology industries, they all want experienced potential employees. This causes large difficulties for people like me who are just starting out and may not be sure of exactly what they want to do or where they want to work. New graduates have little to no work experience the majority of the time which makes it difficult to find a career when most companies want a minimum of 3-5 years experience, or at least that is the number I continuously come across in my search. That experience also tends to be for one specific task, application, or coding language. Many new graduates do not have long-term experience with one thing, most have shorter experience in a variety of things, that is what schooling is about learning multiple subjects in a field.

There have been numerous new reports lately about just how bad the job market is for students and recent graduates. Statistics Canada reported the student unemployment hit isn’t highest since 1977 which is currently recorded at 20.9%. That is huge, 1 out of every 5 students is unemployed.

I wish all students about to graduate or that recently have graduated the best of luck in this difficult chapter of your lives, I know what it is like and it is not easy.

Best-Selling PC Video Games!

I knew there were people like me, that have a secret addiction to The Sims. I remember a day when I walking into my local EB Games and two males were standing around the PC section talking about Sims 3 and whether to buy the newest expansion pack. Escaping into a world you create with a Sim whose every move you can control it’s easy to get lost in the game for hours. It’s understandable that many people play the game, whether it is a secret or not.  know myself and my roommates have most of the expansion packs for Sims 3 and enjoy building new houses and controlling people. I also own Sims 2 with many expansions, each version of the Sims offers new things and the expansion packs just keep on coming, no wonder how EA Games keeps us hooked on them, I know I currently am.

On the List of the best-selling PC games of all time:

1. The Sims 2 (20 million copies shipped)

2. The Sims (16 million shipped)

8. The Sims 3 (10 million shipped)

This just proves even more how many people actually enjoy this game, not that many people seem to admit it. Though I am a littles surprised that Sims 3, the newest version of the game, is the lowest earning Sims game. In my option it is the best by far, especially if you include all the expansion packs they have. Maybe it is because fewer people are playing the Sims or maybe it is due to the rise in pirated games. There are also rumors of a Sims 4 coming out in 2014, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited.

Recently, I also have another addiction. Minecraft, which landed 5th with 11.6 million. Which to me is quite impressive due to its alpha version (only on pc) being released only in 2009 with its official release in 2011. Now is available both on PC and Xbox.

The Top Ten Games:
1. The Sims 2
2. The Sims
3. Diablo III
4. Half-Life 2
5. Minecraft
6. Battlefield 2
7. Starcraft
8. The Sims 3
9. Half-Life
10. Guild Wars

To see the rest of the list or an updated version, Click Here.

Evolution of Man and Technology

Today’s society is based on the newest biggest thing. The new must have, the need to be better than the previous. Technology has come very far over the past few decades. From television, to cellphones, to personal computers, to storage devices, to gaming. Technological advancements overtime never cease to amaze me, always trying to improve on the past to make it better, sometimes going to unnecessary extremes. Some of the advancements I go over might not interest you, however each of the technologies have come a long way since their creation which I think is incredible how much we can improve on what came before.

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Minecraft Addiction

Warning: If you have a busy schedule, and no spare time DO NOT check out this game, it is addicting.

Minecraft has become an addiction of mine as it has for many others, I try to quit but just seem to get sucked back in. I started out watching my friends play during its beta stages and wondered what about it makes the game so addicting. Thanks to my good friend and fellow blogger Chris Cowan, who bought the game for me, I began to understand my friends obsessions with Minecraft.

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